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Property Management

Commercial property management is not only about collecting the rent, but also about offering best advice should problems arise. 

Established for nearly 150 years, Andrew and Ashwell has built its business around this essential service like no other firm in Leicestershire. 

Our Property Management team will initially assess your property, aiming to strengthen new lease terms, or boost the returns from existing leases. We identify and analyse clients’ needs, evaluate risks and liabilities, review the occupier’s business - and plan ahead. Extensive technical knowledge enables Andrew and Ashwell to take proactive steps in maximising returns and reducing risks in an ever-evolving market. 

Most importantly, a director of Andrew and Ashwell will be designated to manage your property, with on-going commitment to the best possible service. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your property(ies) and explain how we can help, both now and in the future.