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Jef’s role as Senior Property Manager at Andrew + Ashwell is a perfect fit, following a former working lifetime of relevant experience, as Property Manager for Savills at The Whittle Estate in Whetstone for nearly 30 years.

Having begun work in the mailroom on the estate, Jef steadily climbed the ladder to Administration Manager, becoming Industrial Estate Manager in 2005, after which his role rapidly expanded, along with the site itself.

Jef’s specialist skills are invaluable to A+A, with part of his role being to oversee onsite maintenance and compliance issues, working closely with individual clients in the smooth operation of their property to ultimately help them achieve their business targets.


As a passionate Northampton Saints supporter, Jef’s sport is rugby through and through - which can get a little hairy around the fervent band of Andrew + Ashwell Tigers fans! He also has a lifelong passion for riding anything with an engine and two wheels.

At weekends a BBQ or home-cooked meal with family and friends is Jef’s idea of the good life. However, he readily admits to a weakness for Italian food and a consequent gym membership to counter the effects!